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Our vision

We’re the first ‘Life MOT’ sanctuary built around focused physical, personal and professional development.

We are all faced with the same challenges – how to balance our home life and our work life, how to build a career and become a better version of ourselves, how to become physically but also mentally fit for the challenges of modern life. Our 3P’s retreats are about taking a break, rebooting and checking in to ensure we stay on track. They P’s are intrinsically linked and need to be considered collectively. One cannot be optimised without addressing the other. It has never been more important to take responsibility for our health remaining physically but also mentally fit for the challenges of modern life. 
Our mission is to encourage change and bring insight, direction and opportunities to people to explore who they can and want to be.
Our approach
Our programs go far beyond your typical yoga or detox retreats. We’ve taken the health retreat model and inserted a personal and professional edge. We believe that by working all 3P’s, you’ll have far greater clarity and direction in all aspects of your life contributing to your overall wellbeing.
Assessment, feedback and mentoring
You receive pre retreat blood testing and a health MOT with our retreat doctor. The blood tests are carried out before the retreat and you receive the results in detail during your health MOT consultation. You also will have a physical consultation and PT session where we will analyse your diet and exercise habits and design a personalised nutrition and exercise plan for you to start when you return home. Your career and work life balance is key to a healthy mind and happy state. We’ll have mentors and coaches on hand to deliver workshops on your plans and sessions on key skills that you’re just not taught at school. Skills to help you progress further and faster.


You can have the right mindset and people helping you, but it won’t matter if you’re not implementing what you learn. We’ll help create a detailed plan that will get you where you want to be. Surround yourself with brilliant people who are passionate and good at what you want to do.

Very few people succeed alone and it’s good to have others around you. We create a network of experts in the field and like minded people (like you) with whom you can collaborate, discuss ideas and support one another. Together you will grow.
Actual to Aspirational
Providing you have the right support, structure, skills and mindset, we can help you move from where you are to where you want to be.
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