Life MOT

There’s loads of stuff out there that addresses the different aspect of our lives individually. You have your typical yoga retreats, fitness and nutrition, wellbeing, lifestyle and career coaching but nothing that looks at them holistically. The point is they are all connected and need to be considered collectively.

Reboot your life with a four day 3P’s retreat. It’s short, immersive and structured, helping you identify your issues and growth goals, arming you with the knowledge and the tools to take control and get yourself back on track

Take a break from the daily routine, unplug and take time to reset, relax, reflect, learn and explore on our holistic journey which combines stunning views, daily mind and body exercises, learning, mentoring, coaching and fun.

Leave your phone at the door and start exploring today.

3P's Core

Our resident doctor will do a unique medical MOT and you’ll leave with a plan to ensure you start to reach your dietary, nutritional and physical goals. From group yoga and meditation to individual fitness classes and sports activities. Hit the forests on a segway, hike in the local hills, swimming and escapism in nature. Learn how to cook great and healthy food and really understand more about your body and your diet. 


Personal growth is the foundation of emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual health. Begin your journey looking into and assessing your life goals, challenges and core values. Our coaches and practitioners are on hand to provide the necessary support, advice and action plans. 


We’ll help you assess your professional goals, issues and challenges and ensure you leave with a clearer vision and plan. We’re also teaching skills that you’re not taught at school and ensuring your bullet proof so that can push your career forward. Workshops range from leadership and management to entrepreneurship and social media marketing through to public speaking, storytelling and help growing your personal brand.

3P's Format

Getting to know you

Once you’ve applied and been accepted, we’ll ask you to complete an online questionnaire around your 3P’s which will give us insight into your life and goals. Blood tests are carried out before the retreat and you’ll receive the results in detail during your health MOT consultation with our resident doctor. We’ll go through any blood markers that can be improved upon or optimised and also carry out a thorough health MOT consisting of lung function, ECG and blood pressure.

We’ll provide reading material, information packs and all the details you need to know about the program including bio’s on our experts and practitioners.

Testing and assessing

We’ll test and measure to accurately identify your starting point for achieving your goals. During the long weekend they’ll be fitness and nutrition classes, yoga and meditation, career and life coaching, mindfulness, emotional resilience as well as learning stackable skills geared for your career.

Actual to Aspirational 

Upon leaving the retreat you’ll be in a position to really make that transformation. We’ll be on hand with bespoke and tailored plans for putting everything into practice. We’ll provide useful tools to monitor and manage progress, a community to help and support individual progress and follow ups and refresher courses online and in-person.

We have curated the best team around ensuring that any personal, physical or professional goals can be met and tailored with a structured program.

Beautiful locations away from the daily grind

Tucked away in the heart of the Norfolk countryside, this location will bring childhood dreams alive. The estate is an eco-friendly paradise, run on over 90% renewable energy and full of wildlife just waiting to be explored (tree hugging is always encouraged). It is the perfect venue to unplug and give yourselves the gift of time together away from the bustle of day to day life. Wake up to bird song, spend lazy days by the lake and warm evenings by the fire. Relax, unwind and enjoy your time with inspiring people just like you.

What's included?

Daily yoga and mindfulness sessions


 Organic and healthy meals made of locally harvested ingredients


Pre-retreat work, life and health style questionnaire


Unique medical MOT


Group fitness classes


Master chef workshops & Dietary planning


1-1 personal coaching workshops


Professional skills workshops


Afternoon forest segway


 Boating in lakes, swimming and board games


Evening pit fires and games


Secret local experiences

How to apply
1. Apply

Fill in the form below to register your interest. Don’t worry, there’s no commitment at this stage, we just want to make sure it’s right for you.

2. Enroll

We’ll arrange a phone or Skype call with you. We’d like to know more about you, what you’re looking to achieve and to tell you more about what’s involved.

3. Book

Once you’ve been accepted, we’ll take a deposit and you’ll be invited into the group to meet your fellow peers on the trip. There’ll be pre trip meet-ups and we’ll organise a payment plan for the remaining balance.

Your investment

Program Details


Dates: 2nd – 5th May 2019

Duration: 4 days

Price: £895pp

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